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                                    About Me

Hello everyone and thank you so much for your interest in my shop! It is an honor having you here.
I love making handmade items that are unique and offer something that no one else does. I make everything at this shop with intention and reiki charge them as they are being made. Everything you receive has been touched by me and charged with the intention of healing the user. My mission is to ensure every user is taken to a place of relaxation, zen, and healing. I get a lot of my inspiration from nature and the history of herbs. I am an herbalist and I love working with herbs so it only made sense that I would incorporate them into the things I make. There are so many different ways to use herbs and I consider this a blessing. I am also a spiritualist. If you have ever practiced in witchcraft or any type of religious ceremony, you probably know spiritualism and herbs go hand-in-hand. When I post new items, I always try to provide information about the herbs being used so the user understands the purpose of the ingredients. 
I strive to ensure all customers are satisfied and happy with their orders. I highly encourage anyone to reach out to me if something is wrong with the order and I will gladly remake the items if needed. My customers are my top priority! Blessed be to all,

- Heather

**Disclaimer: per Etsy guidelines, I am not a medical doctor and cannot guarantee healing from Reiki or my products.

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